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A. Marčius’ amulets of the Neolithic age - "tears of the goddess"



Address: Naglių st. 15, Neringa (Nida)
Owner:   Algirdas Marčius
Nationality:   Samogitian (the artist so introduces himself)
Tel. no. +370 611 45244




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These amulets are historical things awarded with national-heritage certificates and the seat is included in the Register of Real Objects for the Cultural Heritage Protection.

"First, I started making various decorations, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Amber became very close to me because during the processing I feel the energy having accumulated in amber in the course of millions of years. Holding a round amber brooch decorated with crosses, I felt its power; it is a unique and perfect shape for amber because its material and colour reminds of the sun and the shape of a brooch is also reminds the sun. Looking at the drawings of amber brooches, pendants and distaffs found in the treasure of Juodkrantė, I tried to do something like this. It was much more pleasant than making necklaces. Then, I felt that the production of old amber decorations brings me the biggest joy. I noticed that it was the place the visitors of my shop were mostly interested in. Thus, I decided to take the amber processing equipment outside and demonstrate the way I do it. Later, I tried to make the figures of people found in the amber treasure of Juodkrantė." (Algirdas Marčius)

Old amber articles made by A. Marčius are known to everyone coming to Neringa and taking an interest in amber. The folk artist demonstrated exclusive amber amulets also called "Tears of the Goddess” and technology of their processing in South Korea. Articles were recently on show at EXPO2012.

Currently, the artist shows and sells his articles in the Old Town of Nida, in an old fisherman’s seat called "Yard of Handicrafts".